Verse 1: MVNTIS] Mantis out here and I’m flashing my gat
Bitch was flirting gave her dick in the back
Haters talkin say I don’t bring the strap
But I pull it out and they all going wack
Ice on my wrist and I think I got frostbite
Took too many shots now I feel like I lost sight
Fuck with my team and we ain’t even gon fight
We just load up our pieces and go let the shits light
I got a backpack full of aflak
That’s insurance bitch
Got the burner, test your endurance bitch
Got 45s for my assurance bitch
Gone get that cash, procurance bitch
I always spaz, get some currency
I’m smoking gas, lighting up some tree
You say I’m ass, you never heard of me
But I’ll still fuck your bitch. Ahahaha

[Verse 1: MVNTIS] Blast back, was absent for minutes so I can state facts
Say that, your lame with impalas I push a Maybach
Wave caps, your wearing, this chopper gon push your wave back
Lame ass, you’re pussy Im fucking you with the stained gat

[Verse 1: MVNTIS] Imma just kill all these flows yuh
Fuckin your girl but you know yuh
Writing a verse man I slay yuh
I do this shit everyday yuh
Bitch i was Born in 98
Devil’s horn yeah ride through my state
Pushing weight out in the bay
Run your mouth, I see you a fake
Draw my piece I see you a bitch
Type to turn around and you snitch
You’ll see me making it, rich
I see you always gon switch
Imma keep writing these raps
Chigga and x man this slaps
Keep talking though and we’ll clap
Hip hop is the new age trap

[Verse 2: GOODKVT] Yup! I’m goofy and I give no fucks
Caught in Paris when my niggas roll up(oh!)
One, two, three, four, number of the blunts
Oh my god! Done burned my lungs
It’s GOODKVT with a bad rap
And my niggas, yeah, they all know that
And the whole squad wearing dad hats
Cause your bitch call me daddy, did you know that? Uh(know that)
I’m a savage nigga, yo
No flashing nigga
Goofy, my style stay clashing nigga, yo
We rapping!
Most of yall niggas fugase
Your bitch? She swallow my babies(babies)
The doctor, he said that I’m crazy(crazy)
That shit do not amaze me!

[Interlude: MVNTIS] Ayyo, You shouts out YIN
Shouts out fucking GOODKVT(Shout out, shout out)
Shouts out TOKES cause he’s in fucking jail(Free my nigga tokes!)
Shouts out fucking acidwrapped
Shouts out everyone that helped on this shit man, fuck

[Verse 3: GOODKVT] Came for the world in 98(8)
Waiting for the new shit, sorry for the wait(wait)
Me and my boys, we pushing that weight (go, get it)
20/20 like I’m 88 rising
Somehow the crew we stay surviving
BROKENPPL we stay, stay striving
Striving for success, tryna be the best(best)
Uh, uh, oh no, failed the test(test)
Sucks to suck dog, time for a rest(rest)
Like Lil Pump, boy, I’ll just flex(flex)
Flex like ooh! But not like you(woo!)
Took your bitch dog? Ooh boo hoo
Crying like a bitch
Talking like a snitch
Walking in, we rich
Catch me outside nigga!
Boom boom boom boom real quick!(real quick)
Then imma take your bitch
Introduce her to a nigga named dick
Woah, back off my click
Like Mortal Kombat I’ll finish it
Woah, then I’ll be selling that dope
Go, might hook you up with some coke
No, it’s all good how we roll
Yo, It’s only good cause we roll!

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