Neil Young – Hawaii Lyrics


(Come on in here)

[Verse 1] At first I didn’t like him
He came asking for a loan
I got nervous when he came into view

[Pre-Chorus] On and overdose of vitamins
Trying to explain
Something that I already knew

[Chorus] He said help me stay afloat and get back to

[Verse 2] All the paintings and the sketches
Lay scattered on the sand
And the condominium was close at hand

[Pre-Chorus] Things were getting hard to follow
I was feeling pretty hollow
When the stranger came to me and put out his hand

[Chorus] He said I think we better talk there’s something you don’t understand
About Hawaii

[Verse 3] With my baby and my bicycle
I up and rode away
And many nights have passed since this morning came my way

[Pre-Chorus] And I think about him often
With his vitamins and kids
Does he sleep with half a women on his mind?

[Chorus] Well the other half just got left behind
In Hawaii

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