Nightborn – Midnight Theory Lyrics


Sorrow…wears a timeless gown
Matter…in darkly abandoned forms
Of all the lives you’ve led
You’ve left no trace
Of all the cards you dealt
This, without a face

Follow…what’re you waiting for?
Fear…is the shroud you wore
Killer…reaping seeds so low
Of all the depths you’ve dreamt
You see the gate
From all the signs it crept
As days abate

Here you see
A sky that grays
Sleep away

A gracious breeze
Kindly strokes the green
Lifting below
The final trip begins

From a casket made of leaves
To the land of night
Where only vesper grieves
Wrapped in hazy whites

Life turned faint
Cries seeping in now
Taking them

A weary tide
Drags you slowly in
You stood aside
From whatever crowds may be

Guess along the way you’ve found
This garden of stones
Watched with eyes left unbound
Funeral’s laid to morn

Hollow…hell and heavens mate
Pain…as flesh dissipates
You watch the dark farewell
To a stranger gone
You watch alone not well
Strongly drawn

Stood silent and foregone
Solemn whispers touch your ears
Watched your own funeral
Carried away from here

Carried away

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