Nightborn – The Hellbound Lyrics


The stillness of your ending dreams
and moments slowly bleed
Many moons and suns before
for neither hand was seen
The air is getting silent still
Now their fears align
Foggy eyes keep life away
serpents came to dine
A gallery of faces falter
Hopes, the shadows maim
God lies self-slain on a bizarre altar
Death falls dead in pain

A dance like frenzy to feed the lust
There gathers each of us
A marriage with death to find the path
Flesh for lonesome one
White eyed birds they glide in grey
Snakes eclipse the sane
Rainment of souls now escape
Like dusk after the rain

Gleaming seas of sorrow
Where dreams come to die
Lured by the infant’s blood
Lunacy of highest kind
It’s the soulless winter
of the baneful

Gateway to new realms of woe
Carved in maddened minds
Ornaments made meat and bone
Desecrate the signs
Only through murder you’ll find
Greatest release of all
Carnal desires feeding you
Once heavens befall
The morrow will murder today
In an eternal chase
In a prison you called life
Darkened hearts will fade

It’s the soulless winter
of the hellward

A creation for deeper perversions
A craft to catch the sight of ethereal scenes
The greed to kill, the highest devotion
What we darkly crave but forcefully deny

Blackness calls
Beckoning hands that tied behind
Hellsworn oaths
Now to face your own demise

Slash the veins of existence
Kill the yearning thirst with each move
Follow the blood stains of the falling night
Taste the dying horizon’s end

Dripping crimson lines
Drawing paths to eternity
Scorch those divine
Stuffed tongues down the throat of life

Waning webs of sorrow
Where dreams come to die
Spoken by the ancient blood
Insanity for heartless one
It’s the endless prayer
of the hellbound

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