In A Minute (Noetic J Remix)

[Verse 1: Noetic J]
Knew that it would be a minute

Yet I know it’s my time

Y’all didn’t expect a Pivot

Kobe when it’s crunch time

As i climb

Up the later

Top 10 prime time

All about how you finish

Tiger with the back nine

Pack a Nine

If shit decide to get out of line

If it’s your time

It’ll be shorter than a fuckin Vine

We ain’t cold hearted

We aware

Don’t ignore the signs

If you keepin quiet just know that I feel the vibes

Pushin religion is the same as division

Be careful what you wish for

Peeped from the beginning

Now that I’m winning

Your head it stay spinning

Decided to be distant

Acting like you cryptic

Ain’t nothing Mystic

You been sold your soul fools gold

It’s really that simplistic

Basic like a Honda Civic

Come on now

I absorb it like a Shamwow

Ain’t nothing a surprise

Can’t hit me with a kong pow

You confused now

Dwayne rock

Raised eye brow

Tipped over like a cow

Now you need some help pal

Ain’t got a pen pal

Gotta boost your own morale

Was there when you needed me

When I didn’t know how

All knowing now

You expecting me to kneel and bow

Like you Ghandi

Yeah I see how you feed off Tao

I’m awoke now

I done seen it from a mile away

Acting like you care

But you been gone so andale

[Verse 2: Noetic J]That’s how it has to be

Manifesting life of dreams

Who i wanna be

Only one that could see in me

Invest in me

See it through and let it be

With those who couldn’t see

What it is I see

Honestly it got the best of me

Chopped me down just like a tree

Lookin at defeat

Face to face just me and me

If I don’t quit there’s no defeat

Knew that it would be a minute

Hoping that I turn a tide

Hoping not to say I tried

Hoping I will feel alive

Hoping that my family thrives

Hoping God is in my life

Lord knows I got the drive

Hope I live to feel alive

People all around me died

Liven on the other side

Slippen and I’m fallin yet I

Never lived a cruddy life

Funny right?

Every day I gotta fight

Thoughts in my head full of demons wanna dim my light

Yeah something slight

Roll up taken flight

Live to see another night

Waiting for the moment I anticipate the brightest lights