On The Radar Freestyle


Grrah, grrah, grrah

Every opp shot, grrah


Like, drop the fuckin’ 4’s, you heard?



I’ma start it like this ’cause they all on dick

Yeah, I’m smokin’ on so many deads

Fuck BK and I’m droppin’ the hat

See, shh, i’ma blast

You smokin’ on bro and ya’ other niggas jacked it

EBS, everybody shot

Don’t got love for the Bronx, only love for my block

Free Keem, he was really on hots

And it’s crazy, I’m up now they all on my dick

83 home, that’s really my ‘rip

Me and Notti and [?] really took that trip

We was creepin’, itchin’ for a hit

Bend blocks on feet, throw shots to the V, tryna clear the whole scene

I call up Ddot, he throw more than three

If I spot me a nine, I’ll put him in the ditch, grrah

Niggas is broke but they talkin’ on Notti

Spin through, start flockin’ for Dotty

I lost my niggas, they feelin’ this pain

On the gang, lеt it rain

If you know then you know, bitch, we aimin’ for brains

I call up Benzo, bеt he go insane