[Verse 1]

I think my shit crazy, I think I’m insane

You think I’m dumb, but umm, I think I get brain

From your bitch, I’m rich, I think I’m Rick James

You think you the shit, well nigga shit change

Start a new world, I’m a big bang

Speeding on the road to riches better switch lanes

Im a veteran, used to shoot the gift, now I spit game to any thick dame, with a big an-

Ha, us, trust that I bust, got a Jones for this rap stuff, take it serious, plus

Plus, I got Juztus wit me, and Logic, now tell me who could fuck with me


Started at the bottom, now I rise

Now you could see me everytime you look up in the sky, say I don’t gets down (down)

Homie that’s lies, now look at me I wanna see the stars in your eyes, can I get an ovation?

(Stand up, stand up) (Stand up, stand u-)

Can I gеt an ovation? (Can I get an encore, can I- can I gеt an en-, do you want more)

Can I get an ovation?

(Stand up, stand up) Yeah (Stand up, stand up)

Can I get an ovation (Can I get an encore, I ne- I need you to scream, til your lungs get sore, lungs get sore)[Verse 2]

Yeah, I know you feeling this