Perrion – Corleone Lyrics


Stand up, ball shit, niggas think they got shine but I’m afraid they all lie
I come around and getting nauseas, acting like a just went to the dog
I ‘aint never lost it, should I’m just getting better wile this hard rappers shake it
I had a turbulence, I ‘aint even got shoot ‘check out mu murder shit
It’s going down and you no longer I try to be like the motherfucker ‘

Yeah I put up all my .. all on real
We open this bitch like we like a took a girl virginity
She lost her innocence, I’ve been lost every since the shit was ending
I got ’cause I got hell in soul
Wile I ‘in tembeling
I stop the beat so make sure you’re upon the feet
Nigga know I’m gonna eat let me take you along the street
Put up
Fuck you game and your image
My imagination is in anything you can imagine
Shop enough to give incisions sees sections with ‘
I deliver ‘ so fuck the prescriptions
Fuck your prescriptions, you’ll be toast, small, fat, black
I ‘aint cutting no slap Jack filling it of like pet
…nigga better do like two chain like bad ‘ bad
Don’t fuck with the liars nigga cause they love to’they love my style
Hores pays me like a ‘
And how are you to judge a nigga like a Monday’
I walk away ‘
I’m teaching lessons like a ‘
Like a peching blessing
Now fix suggestions, let’s just ..
I’ll just take her home and fuck her with a ‘
Put it up, what the fuck
Put it up, what the fuck
Put it up, put it up

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