Philthy Rich – Let It Go Lyrics


You say I’m not wish looking for you
Bitch what you looking for you?
Shit and … when I was in ….
Down on my ass I just try to link it more
You got me fucked off, you bitch talking ’bout that linked

Play on my phone Yeah you konw I got trap
Said it was’t you and I can scream to …
Let’s go
Bitch was …got my atentions, I say so
You ‘aint talking ’bout money
You ‘aint talking ’bout love (no love)
No letter I swear, cause bitch I don’t need you
Hard dick and bubble gum that’s all that I was sure
And looking for a real one and o…
Open up you eyes, that’s mo ways to make the money
So open up your
Bitch you feel
I say I giving up game but bitch you got to pay for it
And had to come up but bitch you got to stay for, down for my …
Hold your nigga …the we back and mooving hard
Bad bitch fantasy, rock bitch nightmare
….just the due
if you ‘aint happy nigga …
It’s up to you if you want lose it
If you’re looking for a real one the open up your eyes
…the open up your eyes
Bitch feel

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