PiRo – Grown Lyrics


New shit man
Fresh into the studio
Got them
Creative juices flowing
Can’t seem to get away

Head in my hands
Trying to understand
Why this page still blank
Why this cage feel shrank
Why my mind is like Titanic
But I ain’t feel sank
But it’s not the time for panic
Man that ain’t real Saint
So forgive me
I tend to get confused about what’s in me
Do I got what it takes
Or will I live in envy?
Looking up to these rappers with all these genius rhymes
Seeing all of them dapper, am I wasting my time?
Ain’t no such thing as a life that’s better than mine (damn)
It’s fantastic
It’s asthmatic
Cole was right
Every life, has magic
You just gotta make moves man
No half static
(I got it)
I hear what everybody saying
But it don’t mean that I listen
Cause not everybody staying
Imma change the name and
Imma beat the game
That everybody playin’
Even though you see me smile
Doesn’t mean that I’m not paying the price though (yo)
Label me a fucking psycho
I might go crazy
Just to try to fucking stay me
Wanna see me stop
Won’t work
Even if you maim me
Cut my hand off
I get a gold one like Jamie
I go one, I go two
All real teeth, no gold tooth
I spit hard and I golf too
But I still rep Rose’s FuFu
Red roses
Red noses
I clown on all my opponents
Explosive, impulsive
Just two of my components
Just notice
How I can go (boom) this long without taking a breather
How I can look this calm while I’m spitting some ether
And if Nas spit psalms I might be a believer
But until that day comes imma be my own preacher
No C notes seen from the bleachers
I see no seat for a feature
You see my seed will seep through sheets will seem like
Cee-lo Green reached her

Wait hold on man I don’t know if I can say that on the track is that.. yeah? Aight…

As I was saying
I’m a Bear to the game
Walter Payton
Imma care for my name
And imma carry the flame like my boss was Satan
Your bars is taken
Balls shaven, I’m off vacation
Put on my apron, I’m cooking shit you smell that bacon?
You smell that baking?
Turn up the beat, you feel that quaking?
You smell that baking?
Your ambition I hear that breaking
I see you faded when really man
I see you fading
I treat this shit like my children
But it’s the bar I’m raising

Cause you can’t be grown if you day dream
And you can’t move on if you’re stuck on the same things
Well I don’t agree, you do what you want to
You can’t run from being grown dude

Back in the game
Back to the fame
Rap till I got a milli stacks to my name
And the fact that I put all of my back in the game
Means that rap will be going through the massivest change
So simple
Audemar by my temple man
Brush and flossing my dental man
So I clearly state what’s on my mental man
What’s on my mental man?
Sorry, fading out…
Maybe next time
We can trade our doubts
Scream and shout
Log in
Log out..
That means nothing man

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