Pries – Nemos Home Lyrics


Yeah, what this is
Is Nemo finally coming home
Yeah, I need Jack
See Imma be honest
Let this never promise

Try to fall in love
But can’t fucking with Rihannas
You know the type that all niggers like
But they meant all
Don’t catch them with they height
But we still love’em
But we still call from sorry if I’m stinging
Life can be a bitch
And I’m just hoping that she feel me
Whether the better where our brain cold weather
Had a dream like Dr King but couldn’t
Fuck a redder
That’s real
Yeah it’s real
Damn is this real
Is this real?

Yeah it’s real
Seems like me and God
Done finally split the bill
Done 25 and we get it with no deal
Why these hater ass niggers sitting still
No meal ticket and my city still eating
Two years ago I had no clue where I’d be sleeping
It’s crazy how this life works out
When you focus on your dream
Scheming on some cashes like you yeah yeah you feel
But nothing like you’re dead
‘Cause your ass ain’t worth that leaving
For them crack alleys and them pretty dollar
Be hat breezy
I hope what momma really does
Are we there?
I love her mama but I’m a clown
‘Cause I fall for her
Nothing I wouldn’t do for her
Gave abuse on coke
To put that white dress on her
See that’s that drug drake
Can I get a hit just to change on my day
‘Cause it’s 3AM and I watch her boom box
Sipping on my honey jack
Trying to push my thoughts
‘Cause I curse you for my pain
Prepare for my future
It’s only to be patient
I said bitch I need it soon
My mom in needed now
‘Cause she started eating tuna
So I work hard, no days off
Pay these …
So tell me nigger who’s cool
I’m suck the light Jesus
And your ass is just Judah
‘Cause you hate it all and sell me
Before I even barely started
Maybe or my name…
Dear leader party, this is what you really want?
Okay, here’s a few lines about my come up
Ok money, I worked two jobs for this shit
Cars? I bought a white Lexus
I could’ve fucked your favorite rapper’s ex
Until I realized that bitch was a pain
Told the niggers that Nemo’s coming back
Now home found out, everyone’s trying to rap
Can’t we all be different?
I guess not now Nemo’s gonna miss you

Nemo’s back
Tell’em nemo’s back
Tell those pieces
Don’t even hold your breath ‘Cause it’s my throne
‘Cause I’m back nigger
Real back nigger
And now my whole city getting rap niggers

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