Prof. Arronax’ Descent into the Vast Oceans


Reverse the engines


Iron tidal wave


Breaking the lashing

My mouth fills with water

Fills with water

A glimpse of a black mass

It disappears in the east

I’ve seen

I’ve seen the antediluvian beast

Within the great depth of the ocean

Hadopelagic, entirely unknown

Below the surface

Strange motion

Water-soaked clothes

Heavy like stone

Heavy like stoneMetallic isle rising

Strong engine’s drone

What marvellous beings inhabit these strata

What life forms do dwell in those depths

Alas how I longed to marvel at these creatures

And yes I know, if I leave it means death

Civilized people abandoned me

Alas I’m not, I am not to blame

I bow alone to Mother Sea and Nemo is my name