Raekwon – The Sky Lyrics


Motherfuckers want to kill me but ain’t got the skill
The [?] murder one chill
All green Gotties level bands on some hood swallies
Like Medical all day just pussy and robberies
Take bread, project code word
Stuck in my head
Eat cold eggs or fuck with the herbs
Take a shot of jack daniels
Get to dancing
Posing in flix, getting rich
Prior money I can’t spend it
I eat up a emcee, roll the weed up
but number one in everything
Rhyming ain’t noting but beat the beat up
Pen be basing like a freemason
On the train to white plains
Two duffle bags of the white things
Magnificient march call us the moguls
Ya’ll niggas is local
All the time i’m in the minds of the globals
Saying get em god
Got guards on
I be two steps ahead with the axe on me
Ready to park you

Aye yo, under the radar
Posing like black Cuban
Fat bow tie on
We in the back popping two new ones
The emperor with all his jewelry on
Silks and knives
I got a few next to you surprise
Until the real niggas peace sign
Stay out the cold when the beat shine
And the east coast hot, I know what time it is
The Revolutionist
Mind made [?] Drink the best [?] at the royalty line
Find the paper chase
Some sell just to get their weight up
Just be careful
Word to mother straight up
Heavy thoughts from this game saver
Respect the G when I’m in your presence player
So here is some flavor
So you could nature on and stay on your feet
And touch the culture and let em know things ain’t what it seems
And let it sink in
I’m plugged deep in
A movie [?] The devil is planning to keep the people blind
They couldn’t see it

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