Double Back


Paupa got beats, making history, on–on–on–on God
[Verse 1: Lil Noonie]

Behind this gang shit, you niggas knowin’ how I’m steppin’ (Steppin’)

Real reputable niggas, approved in our section (Section)

Percs got me outer space, feeling like [?] ([?])

And we ain’t comin’ to the venue, we can’t get these TEC’s in (Nigga)

And don’t ever think we short, we got all kind of weapons (Keep ’em)

Glocks, AR’s, ‘K’s, and Dracs, and them Smith & Wesson’s

Them niggas feelin’ like they up, we gon’ teach ’em a lesson (Nerds)

I press play, my youngins drop a hundred where he restin’ (Hundred)

Who said we wasn’t outside? It ain’t hard to come get me (‘Side, nigga)

Keep some extras ’cause we phonkin’ with the whole city

EBK the gang, the suckers knowin’ how we drillin’ (Fuck suckers)

Got niggas stayin’ out of state ’cause he know I’ma get ’em

Noon with the fifty, T.O. with the baby Drac’ (Huh)

One-nine with fully, plus Bizzle, we gon’ make it shake (Yeah)

Nah, we don’t play, bounce out, trip in broad day (Broad day)

Feeling like [?], stand over where that nigga lay (Lit ’em)

FMJ’s in the .40 rearrange his face (Boom, b–boom)

Mask on ’cause these niggas snitchin’, I can’t catch a case (Hell nah)

Do the race, the judge steady throwin’ ten in my face (Ten?)

Still thuggin’ ’cause that playin’ cool shit feel out of place

Straight up out the ‘jects, where it go down at that backend (We in the ‘jects, nigga)

The last trip got the clique sick, where my brother Dre? (Where Dre?)

Niggas talkin’ crazy on the ‘net, I peep what they say (Pussy)

Everything a game ’til moms cryin’ over niggas’ grave (Huh)

[Verse 2: Lil Sheik]

Ain’t gotta say it, niggas know it’s up with me

You touch a hundred, make sure you go tuck fifty

Who said we ain’t outside? Bitch, we still up in the ‘jects

You niggas never ride, y’all ain’t pull a skit yet

Ridin’ with this fully, swervin’ in this SS

Chop’ up in the coupe, rollers on us? Bend a left

Used to thug over there, now I get through the S

Watch how you approach me, you’ll get left where you stand

I’m the type to run up a hundred with no plan

We can get this money, just me, you, and your friend

She gon’ pay us both, she think me and Noon twins

Fuck what you niggas talkin’, we the real Tutu Land