Keep a Shooter

[Verse 1: Lil Sheik]

I just need somebody to talk to

Ten bands for a show, I’ll walk through

You can catch a vibe and get higher than giraffe nuts

These Percs got me fuckin’ ’til the sun up

Just stay down for your come up

Baby, is you gon’ ride ’til the wheels fall off?

I been broke and I been rich, and you been here for it all

Need your thug by your side, I’ll be there, one call

Bitches wishin’ they was you, I’ll wish they leave me alone

Niggas’ll backstab their mans and put ’em on, I seen it

Pussy good, I keep runnin’ back, ain’t thinkin’ ‘bout cheatin’

I’m from one-nine where gunshots sound regular

Take you to my hood, so make sure my whole hood know you mine

Know I’m mentally scarred, it’s hard to show you how I’m feeling

Holdin’ you on my arms, I feel your heart already healin’

Whoever thought a schoolgirl’d be fuckin’ on a killer?

She get up, go to work, but still love drug dealers

[Verse 2: Lil Noonie]

I’m down to ride, girl, you know what I’m on

Make her hit them high notes while we fuck to my song

Won’t do you wrong, fuck the short-term, I’m here for the long

Done seen niggas pillow talk to the bitch ’bout their bros

But I ain’t cut like that, been touchin’ bands before I started rap

Touched this rap check and invest it in the trap

She passenger seat ridin’ while I’m collectin’ all my traps

She seen these bands and ain’t know how to act

He fell off, he ain’t know how to stack

Can’t trust these hoes, all they do is [?]

They just want me ’cause I’m in my bag

3300 where I’m hangin’ at

That’s where I came from, the killers and dealers at the gate in the back

I wish I can get all my niggas back

But I can’t, so we slidin’, tell them other niggas check the stacks

They say, “How you feel layin’ with a nigga drillin’?”

Your friends tellin’ you, “Your nigga doing all the killings”

Broke my soul to be misguided, I just need some healin’

It’s pain runnin’ through my veins, touch my heart to feel it
[Verse 3: Lil Sheik]

She say, “Can’t nobody fuck me like you fuck me”

I know it’s real ’cause I ain’t shit, but she love me

Baby, tell me everything ’cause you know you can trust me

I hold my stick while I’m drivin’, if you ready to bust it

You see this light twenty-ball? That ain’t nothin’

You ready for a trip? Let’s catch a flight, don’t need nothin’

We can hit the mall and buy whatever, no budget

I thought we was just friends, caught a vibe, and started fuckin’

But I can’t even lie, since I met you, I been crushin’ for real

You know it’s good, we can link, your friend fuck with you still

‘Cause everywhere I go, I keep a shooter with me

Ain’t come here for no violence, but’ll still cause a shooting, nigga