Reagan’s Neck

Is Reagan a clean cake person? I- he’s close, he’s close to it, I think he’s like 73, something like that. But uh… his neck. His neck looks like in its 90s! I always wonder: “what… what’s going on here?” You know, “how could this be” and that. Some people say it’s ’cause of plastic surgery, maybe the plastic surgery. What happened, they pull all the skin back. You know, it all settles down on the neck over here. But what I think it was, was that the neck was born first. Right, I think that’s how he was born. You know, I could see his poor father at thе hospital, says “Doc”, you know, “Boy or girl?”
And doctor says “I don’t know how to tell you this exactly, Mr. Reagan, but uh… it’s a nеck. Your wife just gave birth to 7 pound, 2 ounce neck.” I could see the poor guy at the cigar store, you know, he says “You got any ‘It’s a neck’ cigars?” Guy says “I don’t- I- I’ll look, I don’t think so. I’ll take a look.” Anyway, that neck must’ve had buds on it, ’cause he did pop out of it. Eventually he did, he became a little boy, then you know, college, came to school here, football star, then he became a radio announcer, then what? Uh, Governor of- no, first movie star then, right? (Yes.) Then Governor of California, then president of the United States of America. Who knows what next. Kinda scary. Maybe Pope, Pope Gipper I, maybe. Or I don’t knowPope Gipper, Pope Gipper. I’ve seen him on TV, was about uh, couple of weeks ago. It was coming in, I think, from Camp David by helicopter with his wife. You know, they’re landing on the lawn of the White House, he gets off the helicopter, his neck was flapping in the wind. Every once in a while you could see his tie. You go “There it is! Oh- there, there it is again! There it is!” Man must’ve had to do a headstand to tie his tie