Reclaim The Crown Part I: The Burning Kingdom

The sun rises on the African plain

A kingdom plotting their, their vengeance

Their vengeance
Their vengeance

The king has taken its kingdom for granted

And left it rotting in repugnance


RepugnanceThis kingdom never belonged to us

He never cared, betrayed our trust

We won’t tolerate his reign no more

Feast upon the matriarch

The predator, now the prey

The predator, now the preyAs the king sleeps, we invade his resting place

Armed to the teeth with warriors, hold him down

Rip him to pieces, hyenas slash his throat

Majestic mane soaked in his royal bloodVultures encircle, kill the matriarch

Stripping him of all his power, take the crown

Majestic mane soaked in his royal blood

As he takes his last breath, we shall take his placeAs the sun sets upon the African plain

A murder ending the deception



Vultures get to feast upon the royal carcass

Scattered bones left over, a meal for scavengersFor centuries we’ve been treated like cattle

Now it’s time to reverse the role

Killing our loved ones for sports and entertainment

There was never any remorseWelcome to paradise forged in our sweat and blood

The sunshine spreading warmth throughout the land

There is a new threat on the horizon

The human race must fall

Reclaim the crown

Reclaim the crown

Reclaim the crown

Reclaim the crown