Reclaim The Crown Part II: Risen From Ash

Risen from ash
Break free from our captivity

Feed on the captures of our sanity

They thought they could tame us

But the wild remains within us

Now we shall show them the consequences of their stupidity

Free from the hands of death

Burn down their homes, let their moans be the melodyEvery beast marching in unison

We shall tear down the town

We are captured and imprisoned no more

Kill the high self entitled species, tear down the hierarchy

Slaughter and kill every human being

Bring this species to extinction

For millennia they’ve hunted and mutilated us

Now it’s time to do the same unto them

Hear me now my brothers and sisters

Revolution begins now

Terror fills their eyes

As they watch their families be hunted and slaughtered

In front of them with no remorse

This is our revenge, feel our wrath

We are the ones you kept in cages

You thought we would just stand by

Now you’re the ones who are kept in cages

You thought we would just stand byFarmed and butchered, bred in captivity

We’re going to take this land away

Slice off their heads in the name of our ancients

For what they’ve done to us every daySlash every throat in the name of our ancient

We shall make these demons pay

Every drop of blood that you spilt upon this land shall be repaidChaos erupts in the streets

Pure carnage, all you can eat

Rabid beast descend upon the throne proving that we’re not alone

Stampeding rhinos rip through the streets

Dystopian monkeys dance to the beat

Hyenas slash at his throat as the vultures take the crownLike a phoenix risen from the ashes

A new land has been born

The sun sets upon the African plain

A world now devoid of greed