Richard Dauphin – Revolution Music Lyrics


Fist in the air for the revolution

Verse 1:
I know the media prolly wants us to quiet down
Like we can just simply forget Eric Garner or Mike Brown
Right now, I think about Trayvon
It’s funny cuz I ain’t felt the same with my hoodie on
That’s why I’m getting my bully
If you thinking that this is just a song
Oh well you’re wrong
I’m sounding off the record
So people can get the message
I’m Babe Ruth with the truth
Swinging straight for the fences
I’m out here in the trenches
Saving those defenseless
See people talk about change
But do nothing to make a difference

Verse 2:
Yo I’m sick of hearing these mothers cry
Sons and daughters victims of homicide
And everybody quiet I’m so tired of the murder
I grew up inspired by the likes of civil rights leaders
Who sacrificed their lives in order to lead us
They marched singing “Go tell it on the mountain”
So their great grandchild could drink from freedom’s fountain
I wonder where would we all be now
Rosa Parks never took that stand by sitting down
When I think about it now
Would Ali still be considered the greatest if he fought in Vietnam
I understand my platform
The hood ain’t tryna to hear no sermon on Sunday
So these songs I adapt to ’em
That’s why I rap to ’em
To speak some facts to ’em

Verse 3:
Cuz they thinking
It’s all about money, cars, clothes and they killing it
But they ignorant to the fact that they’re straight up just Willie Lynching it
I’m down to go for broke to give my people hope
So when they hear me what they hearing is Malcolm X with the Holy Ghost
I’m a by-product of Mandela and Martin
With songs that pierce the hearts of me to repent
I got my fist in the air for the revolution
Cross on my shoulder homie, that’s how we do it
If you ain’t about the people tell me what you doing?
This is Kingdom music
No confusion
No excuses
Revolution Music

Bridge #1:
See, we got to get it together to make sense of it all
Our ultimate downfall is we fighting the wrong war
That’s if we’re even fighting at all

Verse 4:
So how long we just going to sit back and watch our own destruction
While people that can do something choose to do nothing
I’m saying
We’re so more concerned with our bills than these kids getting killed
And we’re so quick to complain instead of working toward change
Who gonna teach our boys how to be men?
Yo, who gonna teach our young girls to be women and not just twerking and stripping
I mean, where are the fathers?
Where are the teachers?
Where are the mentors and where are the leaders?
It’s Revolution Music

Bridge #2:
One person can’t reach everybody
But anybody can reach somebody
If we cared
It’s Revolution Music

Verse 5:
The same book that was used to enslave us
Is now the same book that fueling our liberation
It’s not just about making disciples of nations
But it’s about being world shakers and difference makers
That’s the call, commission, and proclamation
This ain’t a song, this is a declaration
It’s only right that I turn this stage into my pulpit
And try to convey some truth cause all I see is confusion
It’s either people sleeping or they just being foolish
You got all these followers but what do you influence?
It’s more than music
It’s time to rep the movement
You can’t complain stand for nothing and make excuses
I got my fist in the air for the revolution
Cross on my shoulder homie that’s how we do it
If you ain’t bout the people then tell me what you doing
This is Kingdom music
No confusion
No excuses
Revolution music

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