Rittz – Down for Mine Lyrics

[Verse 1] They should know by now, when I rap I gotta reputation
Causin’ devastation, I’m gettin’ down for mine
See Tech N9ne fucked around and signed
An individual that’s visibly out his mind
It’s hard to count the times how many rappers have
Massacred Al Capone and every day is St. Valentine’s
It’s Jonny Valiant, I’m the first thing that comes to mind
When you hit the Gwinnett County line
I’m on powder and Crown combined
I like to mix the, uppers with the liquor
Then I switch up poppin’ the Klonopins, I got me a prescription
Watch out for the rappers tryna plot another stick up
Reminisce the kids in my clique that ain’t with us anymore
They ain’t live to see past twenty
Tryna see fast money got they ditch dug early
So no wonder why it’s hard to be religious
White boy shit, we ain’t hoppin’ in a pickup
They done picked us to be redneck
Like my wrist tat tell ’em (?)
Gotta wipe a pimp down with a lint brush
Oh-ee, no way
Symbol on my shoe blue, two Gs, too clean
Groupies turning up, they wanna fuck
And try’na bust into a new scene, that’s rude, see
Fuck the YouTube views and your news feed
‘Cause your whole style is whack
You getting clout nowadays when you sound exactly like another man
I ain’t try’na vouch for that
Used to wear button downs and slacks but now you trap
You strapped but you swear you was down for classes
Mumble rap sound style, you be trying to sound relaxed
You take words and renounce them back
To sound like you have an accent, really that’s it?
I never thought I’d use the word “flabbergasted”
It’s an exact fit to explain my reaction, like I’m yackin’ in a trash bin
I don’t use a bunch of ad-libs to distract fans
I combine the real with the metaphors and bars
From the wheel struggling to get a deal
Gwinnet valley in the hills
Like you try’na win the Tour De France
You can’t tell me I don’t kill shit
Put me up in the coup deville feel with a foreign car
But ten years and I’m still lit
Now my Colorado homies in their twenty past four o’clock
It’s last call but I got another court to pop
And I ain’t ever wore a cap and gown
But got mass amounts of cash to count
I’m rapping now for spazzing out
So tell ’em when they ask around

[Hook] I get down
Down for mine, down for mine
I get down
Down for mine, down for mine
I get down
Down for mine, down for mine
I told ’em I don’t fuck around about a thousand times
I show out and shine with no doubt in mind
I get down

[Verse 2]

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