Riverboat Gamblers – Blue Ghosts Lyrics


I’m steel finding words
With people how already here anymore
Still chatting and no, I got none of this ‘
Still try to forget a mother and a father that I never meet
What a stupid thing to regret

I’m too close from my night to end
That’s right, it’s to late for this thing to end
And this balls ‘
Blue ghost surrender me after a wile ‘
Higher, let’s take ‘
Still getting away
Try to get it away
Bubbles in my brain
And I’m chasing now, they chasing me
So don’t wanna face
I can’s risk by any race
Still stucking me ‘ thought they want it
‘all away ‘
I try to get thing away, and he’s got me to ‘
Higher, ‘
A little blue ghost

A little blue ghost

Man drawing in your ‘
..missing all along
…blue ghost
Ready for rock it some ghost
A little blue ghost

Really ‘.,really’,

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