Ro Ransom – Donuts Lyrics

[Verse 1: Ro Ransom] Don’t let free drinks at the bar make you think you’re important
All the champagne in the world wouldn’t clear up your conscience
They shit come on, I nod off, see your ass in the morning
Ain’t seen my dentist in years, man he know I been flossing
Niggas so scared to show love in my city I need a vacation
Gold digging bitches with Birkin bag wishes is testing my patience
T copped a Ghost I rode in it my diamonds is haunted
Baby come here let me give you the night that you wanted

[Hook: Ro Ransom] Pull up to the club doing donuts
Everybody change when you glo up
Baby girl, goddamn oh!
Why the fuck you fronting like you won’t?
..You knew when you saw it
I know what you want
Juuging all night long

[Verse 2: Ro Ransom] Niggas is topping the chart off my swag man they stealing
We know the secrets your money and fame are concealing
I can see God in the mirrors that cover the ceiling
Ain’t no place else in the world that can give me this feeling
I found my drive in the fucking goodbye that my ex never told me
Used to spend 4 to 5 figures a night on these hoes thats the old me
Yohji and Yote the only clothes on me I’m saucing
Cliquot just made me jump up on the bar like Steve Austin

[Hook] [Verse 3: Kensei Abbot] I broke my own wrist like Lebron, I threw all this ice now they gone hate on me
First flight in, they put the belt on my arm I ain’t fight for it hate on me
I don’t rock gold ‘cept my girl she a charm I’ma fuck her after this
The label bought me a new grill, I said I don’t rock nothing thats counterfeit
I focus my chakra make contact with cash and i call that Taijutsu
Yohji gave me a new look, I Y-3 my bitch then we ate noodles
Fighting for swag? You ain’t nothing but under me your style is futile
I whipped my wrist, broke it again I need more ice than you do

[Alternate Hook: Ro Ransom] Pull up to the club doing donuts
Everybody change when you glo up
Baby girl tell me what you feeling
I can see god in the ceiling

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