Rock (Heltah Skeltah) – Camp-Wu Lyrics

[Intro: Rock] From the Swordsman’s Hill, to the Soldier’s Ville
To where they, do or die nigga killed or be killed
Comes a different breed of man, wit heat to blam
And they will thrash everything but fam (You Listening?)
They praise Jesus Price and Big Baby Jesus
B-B-Baby ain’t no need to look further, Them G’s us
You still don’t understand fool? (Camp-Wu!)
It’s Camp Wu

[Verse 1: Rock] Transform on you
(Click-Clack-Boom), Blam on you
Treadmill, your man’s beat and ran on you
It’s hot everywhere, mad fans on you
You Niggas too happy-go-lucky
I’m from Sackman hoe trust me, I’m happy-go-bucky
(How da bloods say?) You my Scooby, but scrappy owe money
Shoot his beak off, tell ’em Daffy don’t duck me
Fuck a Donald, that bastard don’t Trump me
Build or destroy dat’s what the math is, don’t judge me
Bounce quick, rapido bungee
Muggin’ Moesha, I’m after mo’ money
Dis is Rockness Monsta A.P (After Price)
Some of you fuckaz about to hate me (I’ll thrash ya life)
Kiss yo ass goodbye, crazy
Bars this hard usually come wit’ state greens
Fuck outta here

[Verse 2: Inspectah Deck] On the gate, pack it up
(Camp-Wu, Camp-Wu)
Flow is on bed-rest, that’s critically sick
Throwin’ bars up for rep, that’s physically fit
Monsta Rock I-N-S, spit switchin’ the clip
And I ain’t talkin’ bout a bitch, talkin’ digits I get
So when the Paper call I take the call, no funny talk
Money talk, anything else I cut the conversation short
Fuck what a hater thought, whinin’ like Jamaican broads
The weed louder than, bustin’ twelve gauges off
Lord, they couldn’t hold me with cage
Sayin’ these dicks is pussy and they go both ways
Yo I’m unfazed, unimpressed wit’ these lame niggas
I don’t know half of these niggas name, to name niggas
I ain’t a hater though, whatever floats ya boat
A hunnid bottles pop, toast to the GOAT
Like the weed man I’m known for the smoke
Shake both of the coasts
My grind up, I stay close to the gross

[Verse 3: Steele] Yeah
Boot Camp Clik, Killa Bees swarm on ’em
(Morgue corpses), Be more cautious when God’s bombin’
(They all soft), your all charmin beg no pardon
(Kill all varmints), Kool G Rap the bars poison
(Troops storm in) Timb boots, war garments
Arms drawn with the long cartridge, my squads bonkers
Bars Monsta, like Rockness wit’ the A-R choppers
Bbbbrrrrrr-rack Obama, the head nigga
Top shotta

[Verse 4: Tek] The Bezzie is Prezzie, nigga, (I push the button on ya)
The Levy is heavy nigga, (Dem Hittaz comin’ for ya)
They Don’t miss, red beam steady on ya
Dat Six by Eighteen box, ready for ya
Uh, You feel like a celeb now?
Cuz ya funeral is a trending topic, wow
Seen ya Mama and gave her a kiss, she ain’t know
Fuckin’ wit’ us, that her son had a death wish


[Verse 5: Method Man] Look, somebody sick the dog on it
Doggone it, like Paule Laurence dunbars on it
The bar exam, I put bars on it and barked on it
Like scrappy do it put paws on ’em, no pause on it
Go hard don’t it?, Ya woman havin’ a Blonde moment
Like P-o-p hold it down, shout out the Brown Hornet
Like KRS it’s a suicide, my squad want it
The deadshots and homicides, on ya’ll corners
It’s not an issue, Will Smith you
But what is Steele without Tek, let’s deal with real issues
I’m real mental, I mean I’m dat real meant to
Be real wit’ you, it’s elementary, real simple
Rock, I’m only givin’ ’em the truth
Wu and Boot Camp Clik, you know we givin’ ’em the boot
Magnum Force, Dirty Harry in the booth
Hard to shoot, when you the one dat’s carrying the group

R.I.P Sean P!

(Nigga, Camp-Wu)

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