Rocko – Still Missin You Lyrics

[Chorus:] I’ve been in these streets so long
Out here trying to make it on my own
Out here trying to find my way
I’ve got something to say
I fall on my knee, pray to the Lord
Cause out here is hard
Even though I got everything
Something’s still missing, still missing yeah

[Verse 1:] All this shit I got I wish I could share (wish I could share)
But you, but you no longer here (R.I.P)
Never ran, you was never scared (never0
You was prepared (you was a gangsta)
You never cared
These streets don’t give a fuck (they don’t give a damn)
They take you away from everyone you love
They take you away from everyone who love you
Some days I just wish I could hold you (come back)
I recall them days when we was living trife (gutter)
Lord knows that we weren’t living right (forgive us)
I remember ain’t have a pot to piss
Now I’m the shit (forgive me though)
There’s still something missing, that’s you

[Chorus] [Verse 2:] VIP at the club
Buy up all the bub
Just turn up on them scrubs
If I’m up you up
You up, I’m up we up
My nigga, my right hand man
So when we won the straights
You went the gutter way
I went the other way
I got too much to lose
I tried to tell you, you ain’t wanna listen
Guess you got confused
All the flashing lights
All the designer shoes
All the fake asses, all the phony boobs
And you got careless
On the phone loose
Then they came and snatch you
Wish I could come and get you
They wanted thirty out you
Swear I miss you, watch you

[Chorus] [Verse 3:] Set really hefty, it’s on four (shaked up)
Motherfucker feel empty (this shit don’t mean nothing nigga)
Money is imaginary (that shit fake)
It’s a facade, it’s on God
I pray the Lord to bless my soul
Cause somewhere my heart turned cold (cold hearted)
It’s like I don’t even know myself (who is you)
Look in the mirror and see a stranger (stranger)
I swear everyday I’m in danger (I’m in danger)
But I don’t really feel it cause I got an angel (amen)
We don’t say goodbye, I say see you later (see you later)
I miss you (miss you)

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