Self Defense Family – Baby Mother Home Lyrics


Cock my head to the side like a dog trying to understand
I don’t
I don’t

Put my palms on my knees and we go marching out
That’s enough

But I did it so long, so now I’ve got to hear you out
You’re loud
You’re loud

So many talk about how I let you down
It’s right
It’s right

Spoke to a fuck, a girl, that’s true enough
I’m sorry
I mean it, I’m sorry

I thought I’d kept it off, I thought I knew it, and that was enough
I was wrong
I guess I was wrong

Wonder how far you’d make it through the parking lot
I cannot
I cannot

With my bad behavior and my persistent cough
It stays
Oh, it stays

I reply, “I’m not a pure disappointment”
But I’m not confident

One drop of good
In a rather shitty ocean
But one drop’s better than no drops

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