Serpent Column – Feldweg Lyrics


“…Wenn die Rätsel einander drängten und kein,
Ausweg sich bot, half der Feldweg.
Denn er geleitet den Fuß auf wendigem
Pfad still durch die Weite des kargen Landes.”

Lead us, then, far from the cities of men,
To behold things that consume us.
Places like ruptures in the hide of a serpent,
Where sky’s rim illumes,
Places where silence assails us,
And furtive gods give us glimpse.
Here course primal waters wild
And whirls bios unfettered
To time’s mad pulses
Though no place, none,
Not the blackest gulfs of thought
Nor the dunghills of ἄνδρες
Constrain gods, for all is Macht.

Seeketh these places, far from the cities of men,
For there one with eyes unpluck’d
Beholds primal waters wild,
And there one may take refuge,
From great floods at dawn.

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