Serpent Column – Men of the Polis Lyrics


Behold insight, δαίμον of illusion,
Rummaging the ruins of Athens scorched,
Harried by Phoibos, manacled by Lysander.
See him lying in wait,
Like tripwire across a blasted heath
Scorched by engines of war.
Into the minds of men he plunged,

And took root like cancer,
Opening black gulfs,
Wherein lurk’d vicious chimeras,
Sphinxes, and homunculi,
Now loosed upon the world.
Across a millennium it spanned,
Sickly empire nocturne,
Only once stamped like weeds
That pierce ruined masonry:
For down came bearded northmen,
Savage drinkers of milk.
But coasts are not for want of feeble men enrobed,
So for centuries he lurked,
Fondling bearded men of arid destiny,
And soon came a dumb ox
Carting poison in tow,
Not the last, nor the gravest heretic.

Tarry no longer.
Forget these vain men of the polis
Soon to be consumed like arid stalks of grass
For naught escapes Macht, vast κρατορία,
Forces of stellar magnitude, fires unquenchable.

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