Seventh Alchemy

Cutting Class And Smoking Mad Grass Was My Jazz

Barley Cared To Pass My Math Cause All Of That Was In The Past

I Use To Cop Right Out The Gardens

Those Days We Ain’t Really Have An Option

And I’m Thinking What To Do? As I Smoke A Blunt Or Two

And Then I Made My Way To Downtown A Place Called Chilltown

Little Did I Thought I Riddled A Whistle

My Man That’s On The Block And We Out In A Shock

To The Crib With A Zip Happy Like Skip

Popped On Call of Duty And I Got Mad Juicy

For The Skills Crazy For A Frenzy Kill

And Then My Man Hazeus Scrolled Up The Haze

Eating Up Lays And Getting Ready To Blaze

In The Backyard Always Feeling Like A Graveyard

Smokes In The Air As I Smoke On A Chair

Cracking Up Jokes And Hitting Up The Oaks

And I Hatеd When My Bike Broke A Spokе

Time Would Hit 3 O’Clock When My Mothers On My Jock

There Again I Dipped In A Shock Yo

I Ain’t Have To Worry Cause I Was Waking Up Early

Everyday Doing The Same Thing

Never Changed Nor Deranged

This Was Me In My High School Days
On That Elimination Chamber Type Of Time

Wu Tang 36th Chamber Type of Rhyme

Mind, Body & Spirit Is Aligned With The Divine

Sublime Pine Intertwined In A Vine Called Fronto

Smoke Em Steady Pronto No Backwoods We Don’t Got Those

Out The Concrete Jungle The Damaja Arose

The Legendary Three Sitting In Your Top 3

The Peace Maker A Dream Chaser Spitting Lasers From

“The Inner Minds Eye” With Jedye The Enforcer

Leader With A Shining Light Shield And Some Beaters

Cause I Was Once Told That Rhyming Might Yield Liters…

Of Dough Once You Out Sell A Show Yo

Outsold Arenas Makes The Crowd Raise Adidas

That’s How You Tear The Streets Up

These Niggas Gonna Know Me Cuz