I’ll give you a kiss
Uh uh, sum-uh
Say somethin’ gotta give
Somethin’ gotta give
Spin another web
Head home, mess with Fisk
Like I’m Spider-Man
Felt it on a whim
You’ll fall and slip again
I heard life a trip
Get it how you live
I guess it’s all you get
Take it on the chin
Pleasure by the gram
Gas siphon in
Smoke in my diaphragm
Stem caps, molly black, betty bam-ba-lam
They be out there
Shorty really from the west
Just an alley cat
Legend in the f**king flesh
Quit the frat, double back, I need a percent
Blast a laugh, karma facts, that’s a messy b**ch
Can’t go outside, can’t go outside
No more ’cause niggas sick
f**k the second chance
I won’t let the devil in
Somethin’ gotta give
Cover me, I’m going in
Pressure blow the lid, factor in the overhead