Sik World – Still Lost Lyrics

[Intro] There’s an aching in my heart
There is no light in the dark
I wish I can find a spark, ’cause I am lost

[Verse] Still lost, still tryna figure it out
Wondering why my mind’s filling with doubt
Me and my baby’s momma split and we went different routes
Now my daughter’s gone, living in a different house
I was so busy chasing the dream that I’m living now
I didn’t notice my family wasn’t sticking around
Now I’m in this empty house sitting on the couch
All of this ’cause the words I spit out of my mouth
But I’ll never give up and I’ll never give in
Depression only kills you when you let it win
And it’s time to put up a fight so I’m balling a fist
And swinging at it until that shit doesn’t bother again
The pain of being alone is wearing me thin
I miss the old me like where have I been?
Used to be happy but now I am grim
Use to love life, now I don’t wanna live
I’m tryna find myself but until then I’m still lost

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