Sirusho – Where Were You Lyrics


I stand alone,
I feel the air carressing through the lonely trees
And theres no peace
I stand alone,
We’re in the blackness when the world is fast asleep
The violence seeks
I stand alone…
Where were you?
When my life was stolen,
Where were you?
When my home was burnin’ in fire!
In fire!
So underestimated,
How could we
Let ourselves live in a world of denial?
When my life was stolen…
When my home was burning in fire!
In fire!
The broken dreams that we left when we fled from our soil,
Why’s there so many now dead,
are we no longer loyal?
How do we feel safe now?
Where do we begin now?
When the world around us does’nt seem to care!
My shoulders carry the past,
my eyes are filled with sorrow!
In the silent dream in my head it
might never seem tomorrow!
till this day,
i pray i,
never lose my hope i,
still believe in humans and my one true God

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