Slaughter Beach, Dog – Sleepwalking Lyrics

[Verse 1] Do you want to get that drink?
I’ve gotta finish up this thing
He’s taking all the turns too fast
He’s driving down a one-way street
But the wrong way
I think everybody hears in sync
Remember on my parent’s lawn?
Remember in the woods in West Virginia?

[Verse 2] I think he’s still in Echo Park
I think he’s in the living room
He’s nervous and the coffee’s cold
Everybody’s still asleep at the hotel
My God, he says it’s like a TV show
He says it’s like a real bad dream
He says he never truly learned how to network

[Chorus] Oh, you know
We’ll call off the show
But play it like the real big stars
And I don’t know man
Can’t a guy just drink in peace?
Angeles [?] Riddles me this
[?] The kid’s a dick
He’s counting the cash in public

[Bridge] She’s calling out
She’s freaking out
She’s trying really hard this time but
The picture makes it look like we’re in love
And everybody thinks it’s great
But I don’t think it’s all that good
I don’t think you care so much
I don’t think you miss me when you say so
Wake up! You’re looking like you’re fast asleep
You’re walking like you’re sleepwalking
You’re talking like you’re sleeptalking