Space Cadet & Juliet

Hey there space cadet

Why don’t you get your head out of the clouds

Because you’ve been dreaming up there for way too long

And your spaceship is bound to hit the ground
And I’ve got ten million reasons

And the earth is calling

You see, my ship is falling from the sky

Why oh whyHey there Juliet

Looking at those stars with a grin

You know you’ll never play your cards just right

You know you’ll find you just can’t win

You used to have ten million reasons

Then your heart stopped beating

And the winter seasons tore you down

And all the lonely shadows

From your heartfelt gallows

And the pools so shallow made you drown

Down downThough the story was quite different

The outcome was the same

When two star-crossed lovers

Made their journeys to the grave

Now everybody’s got their side of it

But no one was to blame

Well we all felt the same feelings

We all felt the same pain

But in the endThere’s still ten million reasons

And the ship is falling

You see Juliet is watching from her balcony

And all the people in the theater

Sat and shed a tear

But to them, it was just another make-believe tragedy