Standing on the Corner – The Landing Lyrics


You are one of a species called man
I live in a land known as America
In a city called New York
Many find it hard to breathe here
Breath is life, you know?
But for some, truth is life
And well, the inability to breathe
Is what this record is all about

(I can’t breathe! I can’t breathe!)

This is the fourth day of the fifth week
In the fifth month of the third year
Of the seventh decade
In the second millennium
After what has been reported by some
As the death of a man named Jesus
But this is not Christ’s fault
I’m not from here, I’m man-made
Living on this planet called Earth
It’s a rather small and very crowded planet
If you’re not a curse
Perhaps even too crowded, by so-called human beings
They find it so very hard to live in peace
But I think I found a way
Harmony does exist, you know
It’s just a small cross that I make some day

Well, I am still inside of myself
A little bit of Red Burns in what you may call an album
Which itself has been sealed with bad luck
Well you know that sound, don’t you?
So you know what to do
Go on, do it
Go ahead and do it already

I’m feeling mellow
I’m feeling mellow
I’m feeling mellow
I’m feeling mellow
Yeah, I’m feeling mellow
Red Burns coming, baby
Red Burns coming, baby
Red Burns coming, baby

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