Still In America


Ladies and Gentlemen from the flight deck, this is your captain

We’re experiencing some very rough air right now

I need everyone to please remain calm, and take their seats

On our way down we may hit some turbulence

Go ahead and brace yourselves for a possible emergency landing

Welcome to America

You can be, anything, you want, in America
[Verse 1]

Look, I’m still in America

Beautiful, elegant, sinful, and arrogant

There’s plenty hysteria after they shot at them schools in that new cafeteria

Don’t sneak in our area, ’cause if you ain’t patriotic you might be a terrorist (sheesh)

I know it’s embarrassin’, we say united we stand but divisions are there

No G.E.D, no E.B.T, just B.B era (I look good though)

That C.D.C said quarantine, my P.P.P said (I need my check)

Look at your race, what they gone say, stay in your place (huh, huh)

Made a mistake, open the case, open the gates

Yeah, go ahead and pray for that visa

See how America treat ya

We keep our history shrouded in mystery

Can’t let ’em know all our secrets

Men become ladies, ladies want more than some babies

They wanna be treated like people

Land of the free, but the freedom ain’t equal

We love our politics more than our people

Monday we evil, but Friday we good

[?] landed right there in your hood

If you in poverty, go win the lottery

Then we might treat you the way that we should

You could be anything

If you got money, so get it by any means

Hussle is muscle, and you lookin’ weak so you better go get you some creatine

Get your weight up

Out here in America man (in America)


Hello, I’m still in America

Where church is a Broadway production for relevance

We traded the kingdom to build an empire, so people don’t trust us apparently

We worship economy, we’ll kill our own babies to keep our autonomy

You mess with our second amendment we’re probably gon’ riot[Verse 2]

But take out the probably, I’m still in America

The coast where I live, we ain’t speakin’ much english

We do all the labor, and do all the cleaning

But we don’t get treated like equals


Some of us trust in the law and some don’t

Some law enforcement will save you from evil

You call ’em and then again some of ’em won’t (woo)

Sometimes we cheaters to get our cheese up and take your piece of the pie

Sometimes we Caeser, sometimes we Jesus and we might get crucified

We preach civil rights, have a civil fight (yeah)

BLM might take your money, buy expensive flights

Daddy sending kites, Momma full of sleepless nights

They said pipedream, left wing, right wing

Don’t vote right, we’re still on sight (same)

Same gang but we different colors

Four fathers but none of us brothers

Some are born here, some are sworn here

Either live free or kill each other


You can kill anyone that you want, in America