Stonebank – Body Moving Lyrics


My body move-
(Getting stronger by the day)
My body move-

This music is built in me
There’s no tilting me
I’d be lying if I said it ain’t
You see the guilt in me

This ain’t you
This is a forest fire
Fuel my flames

I’m so legit
I am the gunfire
Feel my pain

I came here to say
Light it up and spray it
It’s in my molecular structure
Getting stronger by the day

Facing off a dragon
Causing an inferno [?] If I’m a general, burn it up
I get you moving

Get your body moving

[Drop] B-b-body moving
Get your body moving

The beat you feel the heat is real infecting
Like a fever
Persisting your body
Converting over non-believers

Is this an awakening
Or a holocaust
Cause it causes my gravitational forces
That of a power horse

Your life, ghost is fading
Welcome to my dark
Do you embark with bass drops
That chase you to my benchmark

You’re racing higher and higher
Just like you’re losing
My fire’s sole desire is to get your body moving

My fire’s sole desire is to get your body moving

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