[Verse 1:]
Baby, you look into the future withy your eyes yeah

And baby, with you, there ain’t wasting no timeBaby, you know you successful

I’m tryna go and be gentle

Fuckin’ but we tryna settle

You be on a different levelI know you deserve a medel

Baby, I know you sum special

I’m tryna go and teach lessons

Put that lil bitch on my schedule

[Verse 2:]Aye

Niggas ain’t actin’ right

She just wanna ride the pipe

She just wanna go all night

You know you’ve been on my mindShe just wanna go and ride

Wanna get high as a kite

I don’t wanna fight, she bе catching flights

I just wanna go and slideBaby, I know we be winning

Look at thе watch, it be glistening

I just want you to go listen

This is only the beginningYou know these niggas be hatin, pussy amazin

I just wanna taste it

I just wanna go and chase it

I’m over here counting blue-hunnid faces