Th3Rea$on – Rollin Lyrics


hook – Kush smoke in my face, yeah we rollin, H-town on the way you know we rollin, bitches serving up the plate, you know its golden, chasing checks everyday you know we rollin yeah.

verse 1 – She got me trying drugs that i never done, her boobies sitting pretty shining like the sun, yeah we smoking jays we just having fun, million dollar mind, yeah she up to something. i got them bitches like wassup now, whats going down, cuz they see a nigga up now what you want yeah, i know she really with it, she rub her titties in the club when they playing my shit, these niggas jealous niggas mad and they eyes on my chick, shawty just landed out of France send her a uber next minute she in my pants yeah, I’m feeling sick and that pussy the medicine yeah, lets get some herb and lets put that shit in the wind yeah yeah.

bridge ” rollin, rollin, yeah you know that I’m just”


verse 2. She know i get it poppin, if I’m in there then its rockin, getting wasted no other option, i must of been your topic from the way that you been watching i can tell that you really bout it, so whats the plans, what you saying, oh we fucking bring your friends and a couple bandz, bunnies they rollin in benz wit all they friends rollin and counting my ends while we blow again yeah yeah…



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