That Time

Verse 1
You were never good for meDid all I could for freeCould never be us together

When all you do is


The three

Never spoke to me

Never opened up

You would shut

No faith in us

I started losing trustYour occupation

Was before me

On occasions

“Ignory”My poor feelings


My heart sank

It sank deepWas there for youCould never be there

For weIn the end

Had to forget you

To set myself freeChorus

That time, that time

Make up your mind

I’m nowhere fine

I need your time

Are you with me

Should leave you be

I feel incomplete

Play this on repeat

Verse 2Can’t see you on my birthday

You hurt me the worst way

Now when girls flirt

I say hey

My confidence was like Cobain

I leveled up now

I’m ok

See the difference when they’re into you

Our time was just an interlude

I’m moving on

No longer in the mood

We couldn’t even watch tv

Pouring out

Never poured in meWere you just bored

Or wanted someone


To use them

For freeI’m not what I used

To be

Call that history

Although things changed

I’m finally starting to feel like me