The 21st Century Holiday Hotel

Aye, aye, aye

She thinks that I’m out of my mind (mind)

You think that I’m wasting my time

Ringing it up, you would think it was Christmas

Tellin’ the time on my wrist with a FitBit

Bodying rappers, yes, I’m on a mission

Killin’ em like it was ritualistic

But I don’t do that ’cause you know I’m a Christian

Ain’t part of the strategy

That ain’t my mission

You gon’ have to turn me up

(I know) You were dirty

(I know) You’re unworthy

(I know) You don’t deserve me

(I know) You’d desert me

Ain’t that the first thing?

Now it’s Latti working

I give the track (no mercy, un huh)

It couldn’t be a worse phase

My tired of being hurt phase

AP, Rollie, don’t mind, oh!

Kin o nfe? o (ti) baje, but I don’t mind though

AP, Rollie, I don’t mind, though!

Yeah, wait!

AP, Rolliе, I don’t mind though

Said, back in the cut, and I’m back with the bros

Back in the gym, what you mad that it’s for?

Yеah, right, I feel like I’m Marty McFly

Ran outta time, and I shoot for the skies

Run with my dogs, Imma shoot for my guys

Hollup, wait, yeah, okay

I feel like Kurt Cobain

But that don’t mean hurt, profane

I’m just tryna grow my name

Like, wait, huh

This the relapse

I think fast

No time for free, lads

Run with me

Don’t bust your knee caps

This that song gon make ya relapse

This that song that makes your team mad

I did this hear since I was a wee lad

All that drama, but we don’t need that

All that time that I spent in rehab

I don’t know if you hit the reset

They’re playin’ this track, and it’s time for recess

You read my mind like telekinesis

In the Twilight Zone, but I’m stuck in a rerun

I’m on a mission

A different dimension

21st Century

A brand new invention

Peep the depiction

It’s not a fiction

I can convince ya

Keep the momentum

I pray for your mental

It was my pitfall

I know it’ll hit home

Word to my kinfolk

You can hit me on the phone

Tell me if you need a Venmo

I’m keepin’ the tempo

It might just be best for

You just to let go

I’m on the front row

A seat with the window

I’m in a Blue Coach

She’s in a blue coat

11 degrees, but you know it’s not too cold

To get my butt back home

Under the mistletoe

Christmas time out in the snow