The Incomparable Shakespeare – Hiatus Unique Lyrics


Pronounce the things property the incomparable Shakespeare
Apologize to the fans cause they have to wait
What I had to face it, face so, now it ‘with this game on ‘

So I got to show my …to it, tell ’em where I came from

Hit my influence at all this ‘
That’s way I’m in this ‘ go back before your family wile I’m listening ‘
… rappers sound a similar leader cause when I split a ‘it’s like a sick
I can tell that’s contagious and it splitting my skin
‘I turn listen that things
I’m on my ‘
If you ‘aint no remover for the invicible dream
La la la la la now ladys
La la la la la got to know what I do
You know what it catch me up
La la la la la, beautiful women zipping on a nice car
I’m about damn life
La la la la la

Forget her name, I’m watching low lifes in the septicals
Life it’s all impressions ‘
Every thuesday night you can ‘
Try to split my little verse to the fresher songs about product
About product of every winner press your chain
‘put my records on
You rapper twins take a ‘I’m a hexagon
Take a little chance like an ‘
…mediocrity it’s not for me
Got a presentation so I’m a custom to the shop
’till I’m in the touch still see this anomaly
Maybe at the ‘asking for anatomy
On the way you go singing see I’m an anomaly
So ‘got so liverpool
Then I drop a pop so the hole world singing too
Just because you’re nice doesn’t mean that I consider you
All my lover I’m a ‘revolution’ I’m a rebel not a dog
Steel speaking crack with out paddle in the truck
By any dreams ‘
We live with invisible dream
We call some of the Shakespeare

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