The Punisher vs Al Capone


Gridline Rap Battles

The Punisher


Al Capone

[Verse 1 – The Punisher (Mr. Tibbs)]

One batch, two batch. Penny and dime

To take down a hundred million dollar prostitute guy

In this Scar-face off, all I need’s a kind word

To shoot you for a second time, with better aim than the first

Your life was pretty Weird to make little Al sicker

Crossing boundaries with rhymes, I’m a bootleg licker

You’re the American dream if it went under a hacksaw

‘Cause my verse will finish you off, like your brush with tax fraud

[Verse 2 – Al Capone (Ryan Shackle)]

Soup’s on, Frank, now that the seasons have changed

Bеcause the milkman cometh, bringing your еxpiration date

An Afghan hound with your arsenal is hardly impartial

Now you’re not untouchable when I become the marshal

Mack rip-off trying to crush a bug worse than mine

I’ll drown you with my still flow and put the X’s on your eyes

Take a roll of the dice, Pete, cause your Punishment’s droll

Go back to your semi-tary, you should’ve stayed in your hole[Verse 3 – The Punisher (Mr. Tibbs)]

So this bluegrass, bluenose, class act thinks he can clap back?

There’s nothing more laughable than watching a gangster rap

Take you down, like Clay when you tried to box your teacher

Since your brain functions like the kids that took you to the cleaners

They went and rocked your world, and took your work for granite

But now I’ll watch you go up in smokey, bandit

I gave you one shot, Capone. Too bad you missed

But that’s all folks are gonna get from Snorky Pig[Verse 4 – Al Capone (Ryan Shackle)]

Nice verse, Frank, but you shouldn’t have said it

Someone wrote me a biography, you should’ve read it

Your mental castle’s getting sieged, and there’s no way to defend it

Once and for all end this business, like the 21st Amendment

You’re a reflection of me that deserves to be defaced

And, when the dust settles, I’ll send some flowers to your grave

Go chase yourself to the morgue, on the path to Ghost Rapper

Or catch your girl’s icy mitt after the CIA capped her


Who won?

Who’s next?

You decide

Gridline Rap Battles