[Skit 1: PE$O PETE, PE$O PETE (Slopped), , & ]

Ugh, damn, I guess this really is the end, huh? ( *Shiny Pokémon Sparkle*)

I told you! I knew this day would come! And I’m through with you! Ah! (Ooh, ooh-yeah)

Listen, man, shit stop being a game a long time ago, you, you don’t think I know that?! (Ooh)

You imbecile, , uh, yeah, I know, uh, a li’l surprised, are you?

Haha, wait, this power, this fear I’m sensing

I’m back in my element
[Producer Tag: inoue]


[Verse 1: PE$O PETE]

Wait, I never left, fuck that

Say it wit’ my chest, fuck that

I send in shots, can’t duck that (Ooh, yeah-eah-yeah)

Damn, you talkin’ shit, can’t dig that (Nah)

They sayin’, “Time gon’ fix that” (Nah)

You just a coward, you sit back

Chit-chat, Broward did me [?] my [?] back

Get back, Broward did me [?] the riffraff (Nah)

I just can’t do it (I just can’t do it)

I was likе you, all been through it

Sayin’ shit stupid

[?] big bro’ trust, I’m stupid

Ever since that day, it changed my movеment (Movement)

Ever since that shit, it changed my move (Damn)

I was down bad, I was goin’ through it

He picked me up when young PE$O was down, I let him down, what was I doin’? Fuck that

I got a bitch to protect, I got a house to provide fo’, huh?

Young PE$O need his respect, this ain’t some shit you should die fo’ (Die fo’)

Got a [?] t-shirt

Ain’t [?]

Bitch, I just freestyle, no need to rehearse

Family ties, I cut ’em and freed her

Walk through the fire, I step like [?] first (Yeah)

Real drug addict shit, I’mma need tree first

What’d I say? I need the green first (What’d I say?)

You wanna get like me? Get me first

Only one spot in this bitch, to the seat first

Size fourteen hit the pavement feet first (Damn)

Wanna run it like me? Need cleats first

Florida trendsetter, we was out settin’ [?] first

He ain’t ’bout shit, pull the grip, he flee first

Haha, me and ino from the same spot (Yeah)

[?], my gang [?] (Gang)

​mari on the street, Omar on the same block

Gotta stick together, go far with the same plot (Yeah)

Yeah, countin’ that bag

[?] real [?]

Thirty-man drive, hot pot, no lag (Yeah)

One-hit the beat, just [?] and [?], yeah (Yeah-eah)

I had trouble to find my way, back in the day, now I’m me, huh? (Oh, yeah-eah)

I had trouble, I really got hustle and nowadays PE$O feel free, uh (Free)

They wanna talk, but they under, I’m really above all the shit that you be (Free, free-ee-ee)

I came up, it cost me a hell of a fee

You never gon’ make it, you thought shit was free (Ooooh)

[Interlude: PE$O PETE]

Wow, wake up, I had to, bro’, everyday (Ooh-Ooh-Ooh-Ooh)

You waste time, you lash out, you hurt yourself (Come on, yeah-eah-yeah-yeah, I care, but you’re scared)

It’s a one-on-one, bro’, put them hands up, fight yourself (Okay)[Tag: PE$O PETE & [?]]

SHINY PACK! (*Shiny Pokémon Sparkle*)[Verse 2: PE$O PETE]

Look in the mirror and see what you fear

Assess yo’ life, you look at yo’ pears

Got a fake smile, walk in the room like veneers

Look at yo’ eyes, everything clear (How?)

Look at my team, told ’em, “No fear”

PETE at the [?], boy, I’m ready to steer

This my life, know Death can’t fear (Yeah!)

Just gotta accept death is near, always[Skit 2: PE$O PETE, PE$O PETE (Slopped), & ]

I know we scared to run out of time, bro’, but like… this our time, bro’

Stop ponderin’ the—, fuck!

Get serious, man, I—, I’m trying, I really am

I got people to feed and shit, bro’, I—, we got people to feed and shit, bro’

It’s time to T up, you’re right,