TheBlackAce – Atmosphere (feat. Johnny Champagne) Lyrics

[1st Verse: The Black Ace] Time is moving through a different zone
I’m a long way from home
Second guessing, think it’s a trap
This ain’t just a square map, the world ain’t flat
Going up so I can see more
Got a new perspective, never seen before
Not a planet but I got my own core
Just tryna get my tail back like I’m Eeyore
But I think it’s too late for that
And call me crazy but I kinda don’t wanna go back
‘Cause I know that there’s another stage
A place where I earn more than the minimum wage
A time where I can help those I love
By working hard with the gift from the one above
Just made my way into the stratosphere
But one day I’ll reach the space outside the Atmosphere…

[Pre-Chorus: Johnny Champagne] Yeah we flying up so high, just right up out of here
And we going to the moon, right through the atmosphere
Ain’t no clouds up in the sky, we make our message clear
Yeah we heading to the top, not to the second tier
[Pre-Chorus: Johnny and Black Ace] Yeah we going up so high that we don’t drop down
Always put to the test, we won’t stop now
Yeah we better than the best ’cause this is our sound
And you know that we up next…

[Chorus: Black Ace and Johnny] ‘Cause we gon fly! (x4)
Here we go, here we go (Yeah we gon fly)
‘Cause we gon fly (And so are you)
Oooooh (And so am I)
Cause we gon fly
Cause we gon fly

[2nd Verse] Swimming in the ocean deep
Tryna rise above it ’cause I know that God has chosen me
Not Omarion but I know this is how it’s supposed to be
Coach put me in the game and you know I had hit that open 3
Breaking through the surface ’cause I had just had seen an opening
Slipping past the haters ’cause you know that I be lotioning
Cocoa Butter Kisses like it’s Acid Rap
Got the rap game hostage, bout to bust a cap in that
Just kidding, from suburbia
No one’s ever heard of ya
Never going gangsta ’cause I choose to make it nerdier
People claim they king but I just know that I am worthier
Never been a waiter but you know that I’ll be serving ya
Just like Future’s Sprite, man this flow is getting dirtier
Vocabulary genius, I’ve been slowly getting wordier
I’ve been in the studio and every day I’m learning
I’m Johnny Champagne and I’m pulling back the curtains

[Pre-Chorus: Ace and Johnny] [Chorus] [3rd Verse: The Black Ace] Aye Johnny, man I see you over there!
A new stage in life and I know you’re not scared
We learned from the best, now it’s our time to go
All this pressure in space so you think I might blow up!
But I’m here, unbroken
And my spirit has awoken
All my words are spoken
I’m here to make a change in the world, I’m not joking!
Shivering from the cold weather
Nothing but cotton on my body, no leather
Check my watch real quick:
“It’s the best time to wear a striped sweater!”
But I emptied my wallet last week
Only way to fill it up? When my verse ain’t weak
Not run of the mill so you know I ain’t Meek
‘Bout to climb up the mountain so you know I ain’t peak!
Think I lost my cool
Didn’t need it anyway like back in school
Fill my brain with knowledge, backpack in school
So I’m getting all the tools like it’s back to school
Need to stop with that
Change up the flow? I rock with that!
It’s lines like these with the beats so clean
Got you smiling like the Chesire cat
No Alice though
Had to go through the forest on my own
Guided by the fam, that’s a blood or no
Tryna keep the world up on that Atlas flow

Boy, where’d you come from?
I just don’t know what to say
It’s ya boy, The Black Ace!
(And your boy Johnny Champagne!)

[Pre-Chorus: Johnny and Ace] [Chorus]

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