Your Ghost


Never have I loved

Making others love me

I always point out my flaws

And make them shine, make them mine

Here I pen the lines to paper

Riddles of self-defense

Cornering fear with intuition

Always hurt me, always me made me relent
[Chorus 1]

Your ghost haunts their every curve

Your ghost haunts them

Reverberates evеry line, darling

What I’m fearing is the feeling, this feeling I’m feeling again


Dеar Christ

Dear girl

Oh, Emma

Oh, Emma[Chorus 2]

Your ghost loves me

You love me too

Your ghost loves me

And you love me too[Outro]

Love, hello, hello, hello

Oh, hello, hello, hello

Oh love, oh love, hello, hello

How low? How low? Hello, hello

Oh love, oh love, oh love…