Thomas Jude – Basic Lyrics

[Intro: Thomas Jude & City Rominiecki] Yeah
I’mma talk my shit right now
It’s cool?
Yeah, yeah
Nah, nah
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah
Aye, look
Aye, yeah

[Verse 1: City Rominiecki] [?] my [?] related to dolphin
All we do is win, I ain’t into takin’ losses (Oh yeah)
One phone call, put a price in your hand just like a auction (Oh yeah)
She was at the yacht party and she came home a little nauseous (Oh yeah)
We was at the fight party ’bout to turn Vegas into South Street (AH, AH!)
Ak, I keep the handguns in the couch seats (Doot, doot)
Souped up, we’re fully loaded like a baked potato (Skrr, skrr)
If a nigga hungry and you eatin’, fuck it I’mma take your Eggo (AH!)
High-speed chase, do the dance on the one way (Skrr, skrr)
Christian Louboutin, ain’t even got these on the runway (OH!)
Y’all niggas wanna play games, buzz city got gun play (AH!)
Sunday you was at [?], I was probably on the one way (Woo)
Block poppin’, green lights so we all go and I’m not stoppin’
Niggas keep throwing up gang signs, this is not Compton
I be in the same places with a bunch of stars tryin’ to outshine ’em
Flow outstanding, I’m winning without grindin’ nigga

[Hook: City Rominiecki & Thomas Jude] Basic, basic, basic, basic (Yeah)
Yeah, yeah, basic, basic (For real)
[?] [?] [?] [?] Low key she basic
Low key she basic

[Verse 2: Thomas Jude] I eat octopus when I go to Cleo (Yeah)
I eat crown fried in the CMD though (Yeah)
I got hoes on weed, call me [?], [?] so on fleek [?] If you wanna feed your bitch you better call my people

[Hook] [Verse 3: Mike Zombie]

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