Thouxanbanfauni – BANG & GET DAT BANK Lyrics

[Verse] Popped a Percocet, feel the stomach pains
Floatin astronaut, I don’t feel a thing
Lil baby call me coach, cause all these hoes get trained
I don’t feel no one, I don’t feel a thing
All I feel is pain, all she feel is pain
I’m gon ease the pain, thought I’d quit them Xans
Slowed down on the lean, purple mixed with peach
I won’t feel yo peach, she wan feel on me
But don’t wan feel a thing, she’ll fuck everything
I feel not a thing, I won’t feel anything
I don’t fear a thing, don’t fear anything
Death inevitable, and this the fast lane
Don’t eat no edibles, I just gas the tank
Finesse you out your loot
And make you walk the plank
Took a couple L’s and I can’t even complain
I got up off my ass, and I just did my thing
And if it come with fame, then shit it come with fame
Trailblazer for them bands never checked no fame
Sorry baby I am not the one to try to tame
Fuck the chain gang, I can’t be contained
Fuck a switch blade, my baby blow ya brain
Like fuck what you thought, and fuck what you think
And I don’t want the same, she don’t want the same
I hope she never change, knowin she gon’ change
She hope I never change, knowin I’ma change
One thing that never change, you’ll always be my baby
Two thing that never change is that we banging get that bank
Two thing that never change, we banging get that bank

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