The Return of the Thrash Lord

Religion belongs to me

My soul thrives immortality

Bust into heaven now your god is dead

Hunted the devil and cut off his head
By the fires of hell the heavens shall burn

I am the thrash lord… And I have returnedIf you set me on fire I’ll rise from the ash

Superior o mortals protected by thrash

I eat posers alive and spit out their bones

While the rest of humanity bows at my throne

I will explode the world and blow I’ll blow it to bits

I am the thrash lord… And I don’t give a shitOrchestration Desecration Submissive to my Domination

Laceration Deep Abrasion Master of your Mutilation

Devastation Every Nation Blow into Obliteration

Decapitation Annihilation Poser meet your Termination(Lead: Mario/Hellvomit Sodomizer/Mario)Wielding an axe obstacle chopped

With power and speed I cannot be stopped

Mayhemic rampage so out of control

If you get in my way then your head will rollI spawn your defeat I rise as you fall

I am the thrash lord and I rule you all