Wake Up And Smell The Thrash

Wake up smell the thrash I’ll put an end to your dream

Exit Sandman it’s quarter to three

Grab you by the neck it’s your Death in Effect

Feel my Fistful of Metal through the back of your head
Wake up… And smell the thrashWake up smell the thrash take a lesson from me

Graduated in the pit with a Ph.D

Wake up smell the thrash only posers sleep

In my Reign of Terror for the thrash you will bleed

You never heard of Rigor Mortis but it will soon set in

I’ll slice until I see your Skull Beneath the Skin

Eternal Nightmare you’ll sleep when you’re Deceased

Feel the Power and Pain from The Strike of the BeastWake up… And smell the thrashWake up and smell the thrash for you’ll soon be through

Throw you from the third floor it’s what I’m gonna do

Wake up and smell the thrash Goblin’s Blade gonna cut

And drain your life liquid to a Chalice of Blood

DRINK!Wake up smell the thrash got a Pleasure to Kill

That crap you call music makes me physically ill

Electo-Violent by Nature no place for Disgrace

Introduce my metal spikes to your fucking faceWake up… And smell the thrash