Zombie Assault

Crawling from their box limps across the grave

Eating all in sight they will fuck up your day

Eating on the flesh you will not survive

You’ll join the motherfuckers right after you die
Eating all the living, still, they want some more

I boarded up the windows and the dresser on the door

I’m running out of bullets I start to shit my pants

Got to get my car It’s my only chanceZombie Assault – Coming after me

Zombie Assault – It’s me they want to eat

Zombie Assault – Got me on the run

Zombie Assault – The has just begun

Nuclear Science brought the dеad back

They circle my house for thе zombie attack

I got to make my way I got to make my run

Torch in one hand, the other has a gunSHOOT ’EM IN THE HEAD – SHOOT ‘EM IN THE HEAD

Blow their brains out fill it full of lead

One more bullet I have to make my way

To get to my car I set the rest ablazeZombie Assault – They’re here to seal my fate

Zombie Assault – I have to escape

Zombie Assault – Nowhere to hide

Zombie Assault – I’m running out of time(Lead: Mario)I jump into my car a zombie breaks the glass

Ignition in transition I hit the fucking gas

I cannot get away thousands more appear

Infecting me with horror makes it hard to steerOne hundred miles an hour I crush all n my path

Lose control of the wheel in the trees I crash

I fight off a zombie who climbed into the wreck

Before I killed the bitch the motherfucker bit my neck

Zombie Assault – I crawl out on the road

Zombie Assault – My body’s turning cold

Zombie Assault – I cannot survive

Zombie Assault – I’m gonna fucking die

Zombie Assault – Infecting my bloodstream

Zombie Assault – My skin is turning green

Zombie Assault – I feel so much pain

Ahhhh… Brains